Posted by: Andy | October 5, 2007

Dad is home!

Finally on Wednesday they let dad go home. I helped mom take all his stuff out to the car and after waiting about 3 hours for discharge papers he was on his way. I knew that day he was feeling well enough to go home when he was complaining about the $12.95/mo charge I added to the phone bill by signing up mom and dad for call waiting and caller ID. I can understand his hesitancy though – it takes time to adapt to new technologies such as these. I mean they’ve only been around since the mid-eighties. I decided I had enough when I tried to call mom on Monday night and the line was busy for 4 hours. What if I had been the hospital calling?

 I also took mom to get a new cell phone on Wednesday since the one she was using was probably a beta test model or a psychological experiment by AT&T to see how long someone could stand a phone with reception that poor. Apparently the answer to that question is 2 years. I guess the fact that it was only turned on 20 minutes a month helped. Mom got a new Samsung and we also picked up dad a new Nokia. This put them on the new network as well – and what a difference! Welcome to the year 2000.


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