Posted by: Andy | October 5, 2007

Info from Amy Espeseth

Mom contacted Amy Espeseth who works for Merck about upcoming treatments or trials for MM. Here is a response from one of her colleagues:

Hi Amy:
Because of the FCC strategic decision, MK-0822 will go forward only in breast cancer and prostate cancer.  However, Zometa (Zoledronic acid – Novartis) is an approved drug for the treatment of multiple myeloma.  Currently, denosumab (anti-RANKL – Amgen) is on trial for the treatment of “mixed osteolytic” cancer populations, including multiple myeloma.

For your friend, my recommendation is for the family to contact

G. David Roodman, MD PhD
VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
Research & Dev
Univ Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15240
412 688 6571

David is a hematologist and the premier clinical investigator on MM.  He was in San Antonio and recently became head of this institute.  He has been involved in most (if not all) experimental trials for new therapy of MM.  Most importantly, David is a very nice and caring physician.  There are several very good Oncologists also considered to be experts in this field.  I will try to get the names to you soon.



  1. Did you email David? It is great that Amy’s colleague was able to provide this information.

    Also, thank you for creating this blog. It is quite informative!

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