Posted by: Barbara | October 10, 2007

Questions for Dr. Dushkin

As you already know, Dad’s appointment was moved to tomorrow(Thursday) at 1pm. There was a cancellation. Please post any questions that you might want answers to….we will do our best to get the answers. THANKS!



  1. I would first like to say to Dad,

    Good Luck tomorrow! We are all praying for you and hoping for the best news possible.

    As for my questions, I would like to know the following:

    1. What medications/treatments is she thinking about using?
    a. Is Thalidomide (spelling ?) a possibility?
    b. Is stem cell transplant a possibility?
    c. Will family members be tested to see if they are a match for bone marrow transplants later on (if necessary)
    2. When will the treatments begin/how often will they be?
    3. What will his lifestyle be during and after the treatments?

    Well, those would be my top questions for now. Please let us all know ASAP what you can after tomorrow’s appointment.


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