Posted by: Barbara | October 16, 2007

Treatment from Dr. Chawla

Dad and I went to Chawla’s office yesterday. Dr. Chawla seemed genuinely upset to see us back as he and Dad got to know and respect each other during his radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Anyway, so he explained the benefits of doing radiation on the left femur bone as opposed to doing nothing. The bone is weakened and there is always the possibility of breakage. The radiation is minimal and far outweighs the risk of leaving it untreated. Dad goes back on Thursday for a scan to set up for radiation treatments. The treatments will begin on Monday and there will be 10 treatments. He might feel a little tired but the meds will also make him tired. Chawla was very optimistic about a bone marrow transplant and agreed that he is a good candidate for this procedure. That is our goal! I asked about the possibility that the radiation of the prostate precipitated the MM. Chawla said that a secondary cancer would have a 5-10 year latency period and would most likely be a solid tumor???????

Dad also went to see Dr. Meek about his hoarseness, which was a symptom that took us to Dr. Dobin in the first place. It seems that Dad has enlarged polyps and they are dripping on his vocal cords, causing the hoarseness. He prescribed Nasonex and the hoarseness has improved already! Yeah!



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