Posted by: Andy | October 22, 2007

Radiation Treatment Started

I spoke with mom today and dad had his first radiation treatment on his leg with Dr. Chawla. He had 10 seconds of treatment on both the top and the bottom of his left femur and has 9 more sessions to go – 4 this week and 5 next week.

He also had his weekly blood test done at Dr. Dushkin’s office today. The results show that his blood counts are lower – but that is a result of the Revlimid and is a common side effect of the treatment. The last 2 blood test results for RBC (red blood cell) count and WBC (white blood cell) count are:

RBC 10/11 – 2.98
RBC 10/22 – 2.90
Normal range is 4.50 – 5.90

WBC 10/11 – 4.5
WBC 10/22 – 3.0
Normal range is 4.8 – 10.8

Mom said dad takes a little rest here or there but is otherwise doing his normal daily routine. He is still going to work when he can. He is also having some other side effects such as cold sweats at night and he also had a fever last Thu night into Friday morning which went away fairly quickly – after which he went to work – of course.

Race for Research Update

We have 31 people signed up for the race and my fundraising page has collected $600 so far. Let’s remind those that haven’t yet responded about the race. I’d like to see a huge turnout for dad.



  1. About the fundraising. Anita signed up to donate to the multiple myeloma foundation with biweekly payroll deductions via the federal employee Combined Federal Campaign. Perhaps other feds would like to have their CFC contributions go to MM also.

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