Posted by: Andy | October 29, 2007

Appointment with Dr. Dushkin

Dad had an appointment with Dr. Dushkin today. Dad is still fighting some lung congestion but is getting better. He received a shot of Aranesp (which is a red cell growth factor) similar to the one he got on his first visit (which I believe was Procrit). He also had a treatment of Pamidronate to help protect his bones and manage his calcium levels. It was administered via IV and took a couple hours. After the appointment dad went to work – so hopefully he is feeling a bit better.

Here are his blood counts for the week:

RBC 2.70 (down .2)
HCT 25.8 (normal range 41-51)
WBC 4.2 (up 1.2)
HGB (hemoglobin) 9.0 (down .4) (normal is 14-18)
PLT (platelets) 212 (up 33) (normal is 150-350)
Calcium 8.5
Creatinine 1.1 (up .1)

Dr. Dushkin will do a test to check the level of the abnormal protein next week (Nov 5). Her hope is that the level has come down a lot. We should know more then.

Dr. Chawla will be doing an x-ray of dad’s leg tomorrow to check up on the lesions on the bone as well.


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