Posted by: Andy | November 15, 2007

Encouraging News! Blood Results.

Dad had an appointment with Dr. Dushkin today to discuss blood work results. The most important result was that his monoclonal protein level (IGA) which was well over 6000 in the hospital has now been reduced to 2776 – more than half in one month. The doctor was very encouraged by this news and it is a good indication that the combination of Revlimid and Dex is working well for dad. The hope is that in 4 months the levels will be normal and we can begin the process of stem cell transplant at University of Maryland hospital.

His WBC count has also improved from 3.2 to 7 in 10 days -and there was a slight improvement in RBC count. Dad will continue to have weekly labs  and will get another course of Aranesp and Pamidronate. His kidney function is also normal. He has another follow up with Dushkin on Dec 11.

Keep it going dad!



  1. Way to go, Uncle. Keep up the great work!
    Have a great Turkey Day everyone!

  2. Hope things are going good. My son has MM as of Dec 5, 2007 and I try to read everything I can. Not sure what all the levels mean, but this time one that was 2400 went down to 1200, we think that is good and one that started at 7.4 down to 6.0. He had surgery on his lower leg to where one of the tumor is that had destroyed his lower leg. Today, they said he has to have another surgery to put more cement in and hopefully take the tumor out. He has had 22 radition trements and on steriods and Thailmoid.

    Prayer is always welcomed in our home.

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