Posted by: Andy | December 22, 2007

Latest Update

Sorry this has taken so long. It’s been pretty busy this holiday season. The good news is that dad is feeling good these days. We just went to Carol’s annual holiday party in Mt. Airy and dad seemed very upbeat and positive about the way the treatment is going.

 He had blood work done on 12/11 and the great news is that the level of abnormal protein (IGA) was down to 1705 from 2776 – more proof that the Revlimid is working. Unfortunately it may be working too well – because his white blood cell count is suffering as well – down to 2.4 from 2.8. Dr. Dushkin was concerned and considered reducing his dose of Revlimid or taking him off it for a while.

After his monthly off-week (not taking the Revlimid) his blood results came back on 12/18 – and more good news. The WBC was up to 3.8 – so a reduction in dose of Revlimid was not necessary. While dad was at the appointment he also got an Aranesp shot to stimulate his red blood cell production. Hopefully with each passing test we’ll get dad closer to his stem cell transplant – which will require all the support we can give. It’s going to be a long road.

 All in all I can say dad seems to be in very good spirits and I haven’t heard him complain once. When things are going well it’s easy to forget he even has this disease, so please try and keep him in your thoughts this holiday season. Go dad!


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