Posted by: Andy | January 3, 2008

Dr. Dushkin Visit 1/2/08

Dad visited Dr. Dushkin for blood work on 12/26 and then again on 1/2. The visit on 12/26 showed his white blood cell count at the low end of normal – at 4.8 – which is great news. This was after an off-week of taking the Revlimid. This week’s blood work the WBC went back down to 2.4. The WBC is showing an up and down pattern which matches the Revlimid treatment.

Dad’s RBC continues to stay above 3 – this week at 3.31. He seems to have pretty good energy. At Christmas everyone commented on how well he looked and how high his spirits were. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and let’s hope 2008 brings great news for dad!



  1. Excelente noticia !!. Fuerza Mario, este 2008 será muy promisorio. Desde estas tierras, tu tierra, te envío la mejor onda y un ferviente deseo de pronta recuperación.

    Un abrazo, Rubén.

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