Posted by: Barbara | April 11, 2008

New Round of Chemo

It has been quite some time since we updated the blog. Andrew started the blog but it seems to fall to me to do the updates, even though I’m not good at the the medical lingo….I’m learning.

Mario was on the Revlimid for 6 rounds. Unfortunately, he became neutropenic due to his white blood cell count going very low caused by the Revlimid. Therefore, the oncologist had to take him off of these meds until the white blood count recovered. He has now recovered but had been off of the meds for about 3 weeks. He is due to start a new round of chemo this Monday-Dexamethasone, Velcade and Cytoxin. He is to stay on this for 2-3 rounds and then we must make a decision about stem cell transplant. The doctors seem to be pushing for this, but can’t give us any encouragement that the transplant will be successful in fighting his particular case of MM. We are thinking about making another visit to check with the experts at Hopkins and the University of Maryland. It is a most difficult decision as the recovery takes from 6 months to a year…………….

Mario’s regular dentist took x-rays and discovered a cyst in the gum behind his front teeth. He had a CAT scan and it appears that it is not a lesion from the MM or a growth. He has an appointment tomorrow to discuss the results with a dental specialist in MM at the University of Maryland Hospital. The administration of the chemo depends on whether or not they feel that the growth should be removed. The chemo messes with the blood counts and they can’t risk infection. So, there are lots more decisions to make……….we will try to do a better job updating the blog. Thanks for all your well-wishes.



  1. Hello, Barbara,

    I just read your post. Joe has had a very good response to the Velcade/Cytoxin/Desamethasone cocktail. Unfortunately, as you have read on his carepage, the side effects he had have gotten more pronounced (fever, edema, and periperal neurophathy) so he is being switched to Revlimid! Let us continue to pray that these two men get good responses from their “cocktails.”

    I am grateful that we met before Joe had his seizure. I hope we can get together again soon! Anna Marie

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