Posted by: Barbara | September 3, 2008

Chemo To Begin…………….

We went to see Dr. Dushkin on Tuesday and came to a treatment decision. The decision was based on Dr. Huff’s recommendation and agreed on by Dr. Duskin as well as ourselves. The treatment will include thalidomide, cytoxan and dex. The thalidomide must be specially ordered and delivered and signed for in person. It is due to arrive tomorrow. It is in pill form as is the dex. The cytoxan will be administered in the oncologist’s office in Annapolis. The treatment will be delivered in 2 days as it takes 11 hours. Most of the time is spent hydrating the patient as cytoxan can damage the kidney. Kidney damage is just what you DO NOT need with Multiple Myeloma. We begin tomorrow for 6 hours and 6 hours on Friday. I will tag along to make sure all is going well and that Mario gets lunch. Their office is located right across from Annapolis Mall….

Dr. Dushkin was on the phone at 9:00 this morning with the results of Mario’s blood work, which was done in the office yesterday. It seems that his calcium count is up, which can damage the kidneys.  She told him to come into the office to receive a 4 hour IV of pamidronate to strengthen the bones. He also received a shot of aranesp to bring up the red blood cell count.

We were introduced to Dr. Selonick, who will be Mario’s new oncologist. He has been with the practice for quite some time and has known Dr. Huff for 10 years. He also served as the chief of residents at Hopkins. He has quite a few Multiple Myeloma patients and seemed very optimistic about making the disease a chronic condition. He was most impressive.

So, we begin another adventure tomorrow….we still are in need your prayers and good wishes…………………



  1. Hi — Be a little careful of Aranesp, which has now been implicated in accelerating tumor growth, and is generally not recommended any more for cancer patients.

    All very best to you!


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