Posted by: Barbara | September 20, 2008


Mario had his 2 full days of cheno on the 4th and 5th of September. They were 2 LONG days but we made it through. He was quite tired over that weekend and into the next week. He had a good appetite but spent most of the days resting or reading. We went to see Dr. Selonick, the new oncologist, on September 12th. At that time, Mario’s red and white blood cell counts were very low. He received an aranesp shot for the red cells. The white blood cell count was PANIC low. We were warned to watch for fever above 101.4 and call immediately if this should occur. Mario was a little chilled later in that day and after dinner we took his temperature. It was 102.6 so we called and were told to go to the ER immediately. We left dinner on the table and ran to Anne Arundel ER. Of course, we had to do all the admittance neccessities…, health info as well as blood tests and an x-ray. Then we were told to sit in the waiting room.  We immediately came back out into the hall to wait as we were surrounded by sick people in the waiting room. It didn’t seem to matter that Mario was neutropedic. We were finally shown to a room in the ER where they told us that the fever was due to a urinary infection. Mario was finally shown to his room at 3AM.

He was hooked up to an IV of antibiotics for the low white blood cell count. They also decided to give him a transfusion as he was having difficulty breathing due to low oxygen. He received 2 bags of blood over a period of 6 hours. By Thursday, his white blood count was heading up and his fever was gone. They kept him until Friday just to make sure and he was released yesterday afternoon. He is feeling much better with “new blood” and continues to take antibiotics for the infection. We will see Dr. Selonick on Tuesday to determine what the next step will be. He is due to have another treatment next week but it might be delayed???? We found out afterwards that there is a shot that can be given before the chemo to help with the low white blood count……..where was the shot when we needed it?  We are so grateful for the wonderful care that Mario received at Anne Arundel Medical Center……it should be a model for hospitals everywhere. Thanks, everyone, for your continued support!




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