Posted by: Barbara | October 20, 2008


Our lives have been very busy lately and it’s been difficult to keep up with the blog. Mario’s 3 sisters were here from Argentina and we’ve been visiting with our kids and grandchildren and doing some sightseeing. We also spent a few lovely days at the beach house in Ocean City. It was a very pleasant visit and took our minds off of doctors and pills for awhile.

A few Thursdays ago Mario developed a fever (again) after his last round of chemo. We called the doctor and were  told to have it checked out at the ER. So, at 8Pm we were off to the Anne Arundel Hospital ER to sit and wait to see the doctor and have tests and more tests. The tests showed that ANOTHER urinary infection had developed but this time they decided to release him. This was due in part to the Neulasta shot that was administered the day after his last chemo. The shot prevented the white blood cell count from going as low as last time. The doctor felt that his count was on the way back up and it could be treated with oral antibiotics at home. Before we left the hospital, they gave him an IV of antibiotics.  So, we returned home at 3:30AM……..Mario’s sisters were due in the next morning and we were relieved that Mario was able to greet them at the airport rather than the hospital.

The next day, we had an appointment with Dr. Selonick. He seemed to feel that the shot had done its job. We now have 2 more rounds of the aggressive chemo to endure but are enjoying a 2 week break. We don’t have any results from the 2nd round of chemo….yet.

Mario recently had a bone scan and it showed a few lesions in the skull whick will close up with the reduction of the IGA level. He has had a pain in his left leg near the hip bone which make walking any distance very difficult. Dr. Selonick has ordered another x-ray.

Thanks to ALL for your continued support………….


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