Posted by: Andy | March 3, 2009

The Ultimate Sacrifice

While I sit in the cold and chilly air and recall famous or not so famous stories of those people who sacrificed everything for some greater good, such as a cop killed in the line of duty, a firefighter battling some blaze, or a soldier killed on some distant battlefield, I am reminded that other people also have given the Ultimate Sacrifice.   My father, as he sleeps and the fight for his life concludes, is my hero who will give the ultimate sacrifice.   It is he who has sacrificed for his countries (yes there are two), his profession, and most importantly his family.   While others wished to be recognized with awards or money, my father being that simple person, only wished that to provide support for his family.   He never asked for praise for his accomplishments or acknowledgment for this support.  

No one could imagine some 46 years ago, when my father came to this country, that my father would sacrifice his own well being for his wife and four children and 5 plus grandchildren.  It is his relentless pursuit of science, space, and the need for knowledge that provided so, so much for his family.  For me personally it was the nightly (and I mean nightly) discussions of everything from Archeology to zoo plankton.  It was his never ending struggle to put me on the right track.  It was his persistence that I achieve the most I could in my life.  It was he who provided the brightly burning light that I tried to follow my entire life.

My father, Mario, in conjunction with my loving mother could not have been better role models for me.  While I have developed a thick skin over the years because of my life decisions, I will always remember, respect, and honor my father.   I know my father’s faith will always be with him and in that end, he will always be comforted.  

While I can not show it sometimes, my role model, my provider, my life line, my father will always be missed in my life.  Dad I am sorry if I let you down sometimes.  I am sorry for my stubbornness.  I am sorry that I could not always tell you what I was feeling. I am sorry that sometimes we were far apart. 

I know you sacrficied for me. I owe everthing to you.  I will miss you dearly.



“Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love, is by far, the truest type of love.”



  1. Though I know you are writing these posts for yourself and your father, they are serving as a daily reminder for me to appreciate my parents who have sacrificed for me. Thank you for being willing to put these personal thoughts out there for all of us- it’s spreading love all over the place…

  2. It’s heartbreaking, yet moving to see the most recent posts. I feel privileged to have attended some of your family gatherings and gotten to know Mario and the Acuna family. My thoughts and prayers are with Mario, Barbara and the family. I am inspired by the courage and love your family has for each other. Love, Brenda

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