Posted by: Andy | March 23, 2009

Acuna Family Thanks

Hello Friends & Family,

We want to use this blog to thank all of you for showing such amazing support and love towards our family as we deal with the loss of my father. It truly makes a difference. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your cards/emails, Mario stories on the blog and appreciate the ‘check-in’ phone calls. And we have probably gained 5 lbs each from the delicious meals sent to us. The support is truly appreciated and we thank each of you for reaching out and being there for us.

Everyone says the hard part is still ahead of us as we try to get back to somewhat of a routine in daily life and they are right. Barbara is busy with lots of paperwork and getting the house organized (you should see my Dad’s back room and he saved EVERYTHING!) Andy, James, Marta & Dan have started work again and the grandkids are back to school so that is keeping us all busy. So there is plenty to keep us moving forward but I have to admit we all miss my father dearly and intend on keeping his spirit alive. There is not an hour that passes that we don’t think about him and I hope that never changes.

As a family we plan on having yearly event(s) to raise money for his scholarship fund at Catholic University and stay connected with all of you through this blog. We would like to stay in touch with his co-workers at NASA monitoring the progess of the missions for which he was in the process of building instruments. We plan on going to the JUNO launch in 2011 to honor his contributions to the mission and make sure the grandkids get to experience what we did growing up. There’s nothing like a NASA rocket launch to a 5 year old – that is something you never forget!

We have also kept in touch with our Argentine relatives thanks to SKYPE techonology where we can actually talk face to face over the internet (amazing technology) seeing our many cousins, their children, uncle, aunts, etc.. Dad would be so proud that the Argentine connection remains in tact since he was the primary link in the past. They sent us a great article that was published in the national Argentine paper ‘La Nacion’:

Also another article was featured in the Washington Post about his life:

This past Saturday, March 21st was my father’s 69th birthday so say a little prayer to him so we all keep his memory and spirit alive.

Thanks again for everything.

Warmest Regards,
Marta & The Acuña Family


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