Posted by: Barbara | March 26, 2009

Our Hero

It is very difficult to find the words to express our gratitude to everyone who supported our family during this difficult time. I was finally able to read the blog recently and was so comforted by all the wonderful reflections about the life of my husband, Mario. We knew him in a different light….as a husband, father and grandfather. Mario was a very humble man and seldom spoke of his accomplishments. We only knew that he received many awards, which usually ended up somewhere in his stacks of papers. He appreciated every award but was not one to boast or hang them up for others to see. I attended some professional meetings with him and heard many accolades about his contributions. The family traveled to quite a few launches at the Cape and witnessed  the fruits of his labor.

Mario loved what he did….it wasn’t a “job” but an “adventure”. He would come home from work, eat dinner and retire to his back room where he continued on with this “adventure”. Our family learned a lot about Mario that we weren’t aware of through your reflections on the blog and your wonderful cards.

We will miss him dearly. He was our godfather and the cement that held our family together. He always had time to fix whatever needed repair, to give advice and was always there whenever we needed him for anything. The best gift of all was the college education that he gave to each of his children. He felt very strongly about education and had set up funds to help educate the grandchildren.

I always wanted to retire to Ocean Pines where we had a beach house. But, in the back of my mind, I knew that Mario would never leave Goddard and his career that he loved. However, we were able to spend  many wonderful family weekends there.   Mario designed and loved this house and relaxed and enjoyed himself whenever he was there. One of his favorite things to do was to fill the bird feeders and watch the birds through his binoculars.

The family is trying to get on with their lives…..Mario would have wanted it that way. To all his friends, c0-workers and family I cannot adequately express my feelings, except to say that our family will be forever grateful to each and every one of you for your support, kind words and generosity. Mario will always be our hero and remain forever in our hearts. God bless you ALL……

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  1. Barbara, detrás de un gran hombre hay una gran mujer.
    Ayer, buscando en Internet, me enteré de la muerte de Mario. No quería creérmelo, leí el blog y comprendí por el sufrimiento por el que había pasado, no se merecía una muerte tan dura. Siempre he estado muy orgulloso de haber estado de invitado en vuestra casa en el año 1992, y compartí momentos con Mario que nunca se me olvidarán. Él me mostró la Luna con un telescopio, otro día trabajamos juntos, el día de mi cumpleaños me invito a visitar la Nasa, me salió a buscar con el coche cuando me perdí con la bicicleta, y hasta un día por colocar la mampara del baño incorrectamente calé agua en el salón y casi no se enfadó conmigo, je, je.
    Tenía previsto encontrarme con él algún día en Madrid o Barcelona cuando participase en alguna conferencia pero se me escapó esa oportunidad.
    Mario fue una persona que trabajó para toda la humanidad con sus aportaciones a la exploración espacial, y por supuesto un gran hombre, siento una gran admiración por él.
    Como recuerdo y tributo quisiera contarte una explicación que me dio Mario cuando le pregunte como había podido estudiar y aprenderse todos esos libros que tenía en el garaje, me dijo: “Como la hormiga se comió al elefante, pedacito a pedacito”.
    Siento en el corazón que nos halla abandonado tan pronto, estoy seguro de que aparte de seguir con nosotros le hubiera gustado tener un poco más de tiempo para explorar el espacio, su gran pasión.

    Un beso muy fuerte.

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