Posted by: Andy | April 15, 2009

A Masterful Sign

This past weekend a virtual unknown golfer won the Masters Tournament – the most surprising champion in its history…

He shot 276 over 4 days in regulation – for an average score of 69
The modern Masters Tournament started in 1940 – 69 years ago
The winner was born on Sep. 12, 1969
He was the lowest ranked golfer ever to win the Masters – his world rank: 69
He was from Argentina – the first Argentine ever to win the Masters
He was from Cordoba

Dad was from Cordoba, Argentina. He would have been 69 years old.

Oh – the golfers name? Angel

We miss you dad!



  1. Mario’s contribution lives on through many publications he authored. The latest is published 18 July 2009 in the J. G. R.
    Citation: Eriksson, S., et al. (2009) J. Geophys. Res., 114, A07103, dio:10.1029/2008JA013990. ‘Asymmetric shear flow effects on magnetic field configuration within oppositely directed solar wind reconnection exhausts.’

  2. This is great news.

    I’ve updated to reflect this.


    This blog attacted a lot of attention in the papers over the last few days…

    A mixture of puzzles, action, word, strategy, adventure, dress up, driving, fighting, Mario, shooting and sport games in many different languages.

    very nice and informative blog.

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