Posted by: Andy | March 6, 2011

A Special Request from the Acuna Family

Fall 2006 – My father showed his lighthearted side by playing in the leaves with us. I recall he kept on raking the pile higher

and higher and we would throw the dogs in the middle of it (it was pre-kids).  He was like a little boy again, full of life and taking

time out of his endless weekend chores to enjoy the  moment with us and stir things up.  I cherish each of these memories of my father.

For all that still receive this blog, I have a  favor to ask to help me in my effort to create a memory book about my father. I am hoping

to capture the essence of my father in words from those who knew him best and one day pass this along to our children, so they know

just how amazing he was.   

So, please share your favorite Mario memory, story, quote, or any reflection of how he touched your life.  You can post it here as a comment or email me directly at  

Thank you for your continued support and love.  

Marta & the Acuna Family



  1. ,tratare de hacer memoria para enviarte algo sobre Mario ,pero recuerda que él vivo desde los 18 años en USA , menos que los que vivio con nosotros, pero tratare de hacer una semblanza de mi recuerdo de chico dame tiempo…….

  2. Mañana 21 de Marzo Mario cimpliria 71 años estara en nuestro recuerdo como siempre , como el hermano que nos acompaño desde su lejania pero siempre al lado nuestro .Que Dios te tenga al lado de nuestra madre que tan orgullosa se sintio siempre de vos Mario .Un recuerdo para toda la flia Acuña de la tia Feli

  3. Dear Acuna family,

    I am Marcos Machado from Argentina. I do not know if you remeber me, Mario and I were very good friends and worked a lot together on the first Argentine spacecraft and Argentine space activities.

    Just wnted to let you all know that at the 9th Conference on Latin American Space Geophysics (COLAGE) we will have a special session dedicated to Mario, who is sorely missed by the community. I was nominated to be the last speaker (as a real honor to me) and also aked to try and get in touch with you, to let you know about this event.

    You can find the details at:

    Hope that everything is OK with you and your families.

    All the best,


    PS: I almost forgot, as a favor, if you have any picture of Mario that you think I could/should include in my talk, please send it to me. Cheers.

  4. Hello,

    I found your email contact on the internet. I had been meaning to get in touch with Mario’s family ever since his passing 9 years ago. Unfortunately, I had cardiac problems, and then retirement cut into my time, and only now (having retired last year) do I have a chance to reach out.

    Mario Acuna was my roommate at Davidson College in 1959-1960. We were good friends, and close contact between us continued through a good portion of the early 1960s, when I was at Ohio State University for my graduate degree, and he was in Maryland. Regrettably we did not correspond much past that time.

    I remember viewing a TV program with him explaining the magnetic field on Mars (or the lack of it!) and the grave consequences to Mars’ atmosphere. He looked just the same!

    I have several stories I can share with you, if you wish. We “studied hard, played hard” – I’m sure a habit he continued through his life…..

    Most kindly,

    James L. Marshall
    Professor Emeritus
    Department of Chemistry
    University of North Texas
    Denton TX

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